Delicious Meals You Can Prepare With Snails

In some parts of the world, snails are not considered edible animals. Perhaps it is due to their appearance and slug features. But when properly reared and cleaned, snails constitute different delicious meals many crave in our part of the world. 

Snails also have some health and nutritious benefits that you won’t want to miss out on. It contains critical vitamins and minerals that help your body fight off diseases among other things. It is rich in vitamins E, B12, A, and so on that improve different parts of your body including your skin, liver, eyes, and hair. 


Different Delicious Meals You Can Prepare With Snails

Snails are a rare addition to different meals to spice it up. Have you been wondering how you can incorporate snails into your meals? Then keep reading to find out more. 



In Nigeria, we are blessed with a variety of soups from different tribes and ethnic groups. Snails can be added to some of these soups to achieve a spectacular taste that will leave people asking for more. Snails can be added to soups like ogbono, vegetable soup, afang soup, and many other types peculiar to different tribes.



Ever heard of snail stew? Well, that is one delicacy you should try out. Snail stew is simply stew uniquely prepared with snails to get a different taste from the regular stew. The snail is added in the course of preparation, sometimes with a combination of fish and beef meat. 


Peppered Snail Sauce

Peppered snail sauce has become a highly sought-after delicacy in Nigeria. It doesn’t come cheap as it is prepared with a variety of ingredients to give it its unique taste. Peppered snail sauce can be eaten with different foods based on individual preferences. Some of the possible combinations are peppered snail and boiled plantain, peppered snail and boiled yam, peppered snail, and rice. There are so many other combinations you can experiment of you are a snail lover.

Snails can add a special taste to your meals making them more sumptuous and tastier than ever. You also have to make sure they are thoroughly cleaned during preparation. If you’re looking for a supply of fresh, well-packaged snails for your next snail delicacy, we have just what you need at Whispering Pines. You can contact us by clicking here to place your order. 


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